End of Media Fast

Yes, I completed the fast, no TV, no music, no radio, no reading but I didn’t blog each day. I found that moving from the silence to writing about the silence was decreasing my peace. The experience was quite different than I had expected. I have not re-read what I wrote so if I repeat myself here you’ll know why. I realized that the things I’ve always done to release stress, relax or  just stop working were actually part of the problem. They did not improve my life but instead filled my mind with useless information. I became more peaceful, happier…I guess I’d say I felt lighter. My dreams were 100% about my life, not about some TV show, or news program or anything else and they were prolific. I had a number of dreams about dressing, changing clothes etc., and recognized it as the changing of myself or better said, the peeling of outdated layers. OK, so if this is getting too weird, well you know what to do. I am continuing with much of the silence. I’ve cancelled my TV and after the feeling of loss – I love “So you think you want to dance,” I now can watch a movie, yes I’m getting netflex, and am not pulled into any of the other unmentional junk I watched in the past. I’m also continuing the morning writing, which is basically a brain cleanse. I feel terrific when I get to work and will probably continue indefinitly.

Did I tell you I took flute lessons? Well I did but can’t continue because it hurts my shoulder (bone spurs). I may try singing since I sang all the time through the silence. It was that or nothing and I do love music. Speaking of signing, I didn’t chicken out…I actually sang the song I wrote  while stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam. Want to hear it? Too bad, no sound here.  Hey, at least one person cried because it moved them or was it because they wanted me to stop?

If I have anymore worthwhile breakthroughs, I’ll let you know. Wait a minute, they are all worthwhile but some would be boring to you…then maybe this is boring to you?

The Artist Way, has been around forever. I’d encourage you to try it. You can do it on your own but the class is a great support. Sometimes we go through life being what and who we believe we should be and if there is a chance we can live more joyfully, then why not take that chance? I’ve always been a risk taker, but this is a different kind of risk. And think…I don’t have to divorce someone because of what I discover (I’m already divorced) or quit my job, (I have my own business), or move…at least not yet.

Until next time…….Namaste’

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