Media Fast Day 4

Day 4

But who’s counting………….ME! Sleep seems to be my biggest challenge with this exploration of self. I do too much and still don’t’ know how to come down. Knitting was my method while living in Macedonia but I’m not in the mood.

So, in addition to work today, I wrote a song to the tune of Summertime describing this experience. I have been humming it a lot as there is that no music rule and in the humming I began to…yes create. My class will hear it unless I chicken out.

I cooked dinner and took Max, my dog, on a walk through the cemetery. Now there is nothing unique about this, but since I went later than usual, the gates were locked as I got to the opposite corner from where I started which is where I usually exit to continue on my way. Then of course all the gates were locked and this seemed quite funny because you would think someone would have seen me. Never fear, I did not have to sleep there as I knew a way out down a hill of Ivy hidden in a corner. So much for visiting the cemetery at dusk!

Tomorrow I’m doing an early morning Tai Chi class for first time. This is when I usually watch the news.

Until tomorrow or ??

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