Media Fasting Day 2

Day 2

I discovered writing before bed caused me to lose sleep so I’m writing day 2 on day 3 (so I cheated!).

 This is a whole new learning curve for me. How does one numb out so sleep comes easily when the old methods are not available? I’d much rather write during that time but since it is a creative trait, it tends to bring the brain alive—damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Day 2 was a dull day from lack of sleep. I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms I never expected from the elimination of my daily stimulus. I went to the gym and did all my usual Saturday home activities and then I met a friend in the eve which was wonderful. We attended a metaphysical event to hear a panel of four discuss their spiritual path and how/when they knew that they were going to lead their life and develop their art from this perspective.  The panel consisted of two movie producers, one artist and one clairvoyant (she was actually much more).  It was amazing! Three out the four had their first “knowing” at the age of three. That was strange. I guess they “came in” with it rather than learning about it and deciding it was their path, it just was. It was very fulfilling to be there and made me realize that all the habits I’m giving up have actually kept me home and alone, too much. I’ve been feeling like I did when I was in Peace Corps, terribly lonely and I thought, “I’m not in Peace Corps! I’m living in one of the most beautiful places in the world Monterey Ca. with lots of people like me…so why don’t I go out?

Lots to ponder.

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