“Living in Full Bloom”

“Living in Full Bloom” is the title of my seminar designed to help you achieve and maintain two states of being:

First, to recognize what your true passion is—it can change as you move through your life—then to remove the obstacles, tangible or intangible to allow you to live it.

Second, to experience Bliss. Bliss is not something that necessarily comes from finding your passion—doing what you love can make you happy, fulfilled, and is a way to express yourself but there is more. Bliss is deeper and can be experienced at the most painful times in our lives, during times of perceived loss of control or possibly while sitting on a rock! It makes no difference. The publicity one may get from achieving greatness is fleeting, but discovering Bliss can be life altering and no one may know it but you.

Living in a “doing” society leads us to believe that the path to fulfillment comes from hard work and achievement…another mountain to climb another barrier to overcome. Through years of doing just that and then having the experience of pure Bliss, I believe they are both achievable, valuable and can live side by side if you so desire.

Lost and Found in Macedonia, a Surprising Journey to Fulfillment was a combination of everything I’m talking about here. Recognizing my passion, overcoming massive obstacles of pain during the pursuit of what I believed was my goal—making a difference—to the deep and abiding discovery of Bliss.

Let’s begin the journey now.

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