The “other” work of writing

Today I signed on for an 1 1/2 hour webinar (seminar on the web). “You’re published – now what? My previous book was published by Random House and St. Martin’s Press so I was only slightly aware of the second half of writing. Now I know why I only got $1 per book! The “now what” involves a much bigger desk than my small table for the spreadsheets needed to follow all of the to do’s. Overwhelmed does not begin to describe my feelings. Who knew? Sure, I knew something which is why I have a website in process but the post pub work is full time, and long term at that! The hundreds of free books one needs to send to the people in the know is only one expense and that one is pretty easy to evaluate and it goes on. My response to all of this was a glass of wine and tomorrow is another day. And beside there is this huge wedding in London, you know the one, which will allow me to dive into a fantasy world for at least another day………..tell me it is not as all consuming as it seems to be…..please!

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